The different types of premium extra-virgin olive oil are exclusively produced by "Tenuta Tresca Estate". They take the name of the estate to pay homage to the land where cultivars of olive trees have been planted to produce superior extra-virgin oil. This product is the result of chosen olives collected from the trees when they are fully ripened. Olives, after a detailed selection, are carefully placed in small crates to be carried to the oil mill where they are crushed within six hours from picking in technologically advanced oil extraction plants, in an environment which never exceeds 80 degrees Fahreneit (27 degrees Celsius). This process, which is called "cold-pressing", gives the possibility to obtain a superior quality extra virgin olive oil which preserves all the delicate flavours, aromas and genuineness of the olive oil. Oil, without being subject to any filtering process, is allowed to slowly settle in large stainless steel storage tanks, before being bottled or put in tin cans. It is a natural process, faithful to the tradition, that fully preserves the delicate fragrances of olives and exalts the healthful nutrients of oil. In particular, two types of premium extra-virgin olive oil, characterized by an excellent fine and genuine taste, are the result of several attempts to mix different oil varieties and to plan the best season for oil picking.